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Reviving Lives Ministries

Reviving Lives Ministries

Nonprofit Organizations

About Us

Carry a faith-based 12-step solution for addiction to people who are willing to change that need a stable home, wellness skills, and connection to community.

We envision a society that believes recovery is possible; where those with Substance Use Disorder can receive support to transform their suffering and become resilient humans who positively contribute to their communities.
Community: We move from “otherness” to us.
Respect: Every person has immeasurable worth and the diversity among us is a source of strength.
Service: We act in service to a power greater than ourselves for the sake of unity, equity and inclusion.
Openness: We debate then commit. We share openly, question respectfully, and once a decision is made, commit fully.


  • Addiction treatment
  • Sobriety
  • Recovery


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