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Hope for Harrison

Hope for Harrison

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About Us

Hope for Harrison is a small volunteer led organization that started because a mother wanted to help her son with limited mobility live his best life. Our mission is to promote awareness for neuromuscular diseases in a fun, family friendly environment while raising funds to support research to find a cure or effective treatments for neuromuscular diseases. Our goal is to help all persons affected by neuromuscular disease to thrive in life.

We offer a grant program that assists families living with mobility loss due to neuromuscular disease with the costs of items that allow them to continue to not just be mobile, but to be active and engaged with their family and community. We want families living with neuromuscular diseases to participate in the activities they love. ND doesn't just rob the individual of mobility; it robs the family of years of fun together. We at Hope for Harrison want to ensure families create fun memories together doing the activities they love. We want to bring the fun back.


Hope for Harrison

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