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Certified CIO

Certified CIO

IT Information Technology

About Us

Certified CIO is a Managed I.T. Services Provider enabling small- and medium-sized business and organizations to engage in a level of I.T. solutions and productivity often reserved for enterprise-sized businesses.

The technology employed at your business directly affects profits, productivity, functionality, security, employee morale and peace of mind. This includes your network hardware, servers, computers, handheld devices, line-of-business software and more.

Eliminate IT frustration. Certified CIO’s CSPS will turn your tech into a streamlined revenue generator. Our comprehensive solutions create an optimized work environment, make your workforce nimble and competitive, ensure you are prepared in case of disaster, and eliminate IT frustration.

With tools that work. Our unique set of industry-leading tools, our proactive service delivery and superior standards and best practices will set you up for success. Simply put, our CSPS keeps your technology running the right way and makes your business more profitable. If that interests you, contact us to set up a time to talk!

Our Services include Remote Monitoring & Maintenance, Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Breach Detection, Software Updates, DNS Controls, Application Ringfencing, I.T. Security Training, and much more. Our service plan offerings include unlimited Remote Helpdesk and On-Site Support.

More Secure.
More Effective.
More Agile.

Certified CIO.

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